Shareen El Safy
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What the Experts Say

"Has Shareen tapped into the spirit of Egyptian dance? The answer is an unequivocal yes! As a guide she is powerfully gentle and firmly grounded, with the ability to lead her students to a place where the dance can be found. Once there, she is also able to help us reacquaint ourselves with what we've known has always existed. What comes forth is a joyous and deeply satisfying celebration of this form at its best." B.T., San Francisco

"I am amazed at people like Shareen El Safy who dance 'without accent'-what an amazing accomplishment, to absorb the dance so completely and in the heart and body, right from the source!" Andrea Deagon, Ph.D., UNC-W

"This was a journey of essence is now present which wasn't there before. It has deepened the feelings I can express through movement." Sadia, international teacher, performer, and 2010 retreat

"Shareen has inspired me to rethink how and why I dance, infusing it with new meaning." Retreat participant

"Shareen is a great communicator, verbally and through movement, and as such her classes are challenging and inspiring." Amar, teacher and performer

"Shareen's ability to analyze movement is multi-level, working with the physical and energetic aspects to get to the heart of the technique." Ranya, teacher and performer

"Feeling is very important. One in one hundred dancers have the
feeling and you have it. And you listen very well to the music; you understand the music...I am astonished by your dancing! You are American, but dance Arabic."
Nagwa Fouad, Cairo, Egypt

"I have seen many dancers from the U.S. and Europe, but you are the only one who does this dance well, perfectly. It makes me very, very happy." Sohair Zeki, Cairo, Egypt

"Shareen has a good understanding of Oriental dance. She hears and interprets the music well, and her movements are flexible and smooth." Mona El Said, Cairo, Egypt

"Because Shareen lived and worked in Cairo, she has a good feeling, exactly like an Egyptian, and Egyptian style, not like an American." Raqia Hassan, Cairo, Egypt

"I was extremely impressed with your solos, and proud that you
have absorbed that of the Egyptian style that looks real and natural on you - the purity and essence of the Egyptian soul."
Ibrahim Farrah, New York, NY

"Shareen has a talent for accurately interpreting Middle Eastern
dance movement and intelligently transmitting the information to others." Aisha Ali, Los Angeles, CA

"If you want to get the pure Egyptian style, the authentic feel for the music, and precise detail, and at the same time great heartfelt warmth, you should come and see Shareen, the master teacher from the U.S.A." Beata Cifuentes, Berlin, Germany

"Shareen has a rare ability to distill and transmit both the soul
and mechanics of the Egyptian style...She will show you the absolutely latest moves from the nightclub scene."
Feiruz Aram, Long Beach, CA and Cairo, Egypt

"Integrating Shareen's technique leads to a deepening of the dance. It becomes more profound. Shareen is a dancer's dancer, and her workshop a very rewarding challenge." Myra, teacher and performer

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