First International Conference on Middle Eastern Dance, California 1997

“Feeling is very important. One in one hundred dancers have the
feeling, and you have it. And you listen very well to the music, you understand the music…I am astonished by your dancing. You are American, but dance Arabic.”
Nagwa Fouad, Cairo, Egypt (Film and television star, and international instructor)

I have seen many dancers from the U.S. and Europe, but you are the only one who does this dance well, perfectly. It makes me very, very happy.”
Sohair Zaki, Cairo, Egypt (Film and television star)

“Shareen has a good understanding of Oriental dance. She hears and interprets the music well, and her movements are smooth and flexible.”
Mona El Said, Cairo, Egypt (Film star, choreographer and international instructor)

“Because Shareen lived and worked in Cairo, she has a good feeling, exactly like an Egyptian, and Egyptian style, not like an American.”
Raqia Hassan, Cairo, Egypt (Festival producer, choreographer, international instructor)

“I was extremely impressed with your solos, and proud that you have absorbed that of the Egyptian style that looks real and natural on you—the purity and essence of the Egyptian soul.”
Ibrahim Farrah, New York, NY (Publisher, choreographer, international instructor)

“Shareen has a rare ability to distill and transmit both the soul and mechanics of the Egyptian style…She will show you the absolutely latest moves from the Cairo nightclub scene.”
Feiruz Aram, Los Angeles CA (Oriental dance pioneer, sponsor and instructor)

“I remember studying oriental dance with Shareen back in the Bay Area… It was enlightening for me. Her Egyptian Movement from the Stars classes opened my eyes and made so many aspects clear—technically as well as artistically… The steps I learned in her workshops I still remember and use today. Shareen is definitely one of the most significant teachers I have ever had.”
Horacio Cifuentes, Berlin, Germany
Former principal soloist San Francisco Ballet

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